Why? this blog

Hello, Greetings to everyone who are reading "Freddie's Blog"
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For me, to have the most interesting web information on my hand has become in a way to keep me update, either in TechnologyEngineering tools, or in Tools for life.

This blog has as a goal, store interesting information from my piont of view, although I read several webpages like this (News, technology, etc.) I realized that when I want to recover some useful "post", it's very dificuld to find it again.

The post here written, can be useful to meditate, have a good conversation topic or just to learn a little more about the world, beyond to store web information, this blog will be useful for me to save some moments of my life in the real world into the ciberspace, I don't have idea about the frequency I'm going to write, but something is sure, I already have started, and something which has begun have to continue to the end.

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